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What The Water Gave Me Single

So beautiful…

The Water Johnny Flynn Featuring Laura Marling

When it comes to Radiohead I find myself to be quite biased. When I found out their new album was going to be released within days I literally jumped up and down with excitement.

My initial reaction is I felt they have come home. Home to the music of Kid A, but a grown up version. There is an electro beat bumping drive that is at the forefront in most of the songs that just makes me want to dance. Bloom, Lotus Flower, Codex, Separator are the stand out tracks on this 8 track long album… I have to question the length of the album for a moment, they have never released an album this short. I am about 95% certain that the Newspaper Album will have quite a few more tracks on it which means there is more new music to come as well as a tour in the works. It is going to be a good year.

On their website, Dead Air Space they thank us for waiting… I want to thank Radiohead. Thank them for the beauty they bring me everyday, thank them for helping me to feel it “all”. Thank them for the music they continue to bring us year after year.

I love this song. I play it over and over. It makes my day and I constantly find myself dancing to it.

I think I may have a bit of a band crush on The Naked And Famous… Their debut album, Passive Me. Aggressive You is set to be released in the States this March. I am pretty excited and have high hopes for this New Zealand based pop band. For now, click play and turn it up. Also, visit their website to check out a couple of other tracks from the album. Goodness! Or if you can’t wait until March you can always download the album through iTunes.

No reason to give away free music when the digital download is only $4.

Just came across Family of the Year recently and I dived right in. Their debut full length, Songbook was released in 2009 and it had a handful of gems.

More recently they released a 5 song EP, Through The Trees which I am currently listening to on repeat.

Amazon and eMusic

LOVE this song. LOVE Boy & Bear

Boy & Bear – Mexican Mavis

Myspace and iTunes

Frightened Rabbit Live and Acoustic, so awesome and such a treat. Enjoy!

La Llorona by Beirut

Beirut’s new double EP, March of the Zapotec is set to be released February 17th and I am excited to say the least… This first part of the EP will be Latin inspired and from the little taste I have heard it sounds like the same amazing Beirut flare… The second part of the EP is a little unexpected as Condon revisits his pre-Beirut days under the name “Realpeople”, which is essentially the days of his home electronic creations… It should be interesting, definitely something to look forward to.

Video has been removed. Sorry folks stay tuned for news on when this song will be available.

As you can see if you look over to the left of your screen Alexi Murdoch has returned to view… Although as many close to me know, Alexi is always on constant shuffle. But I must confess I have failed Alexi… *sniff sniff* I do not watch the TV show House and I have never seen the movie Gone Baby Gone (which after going to the imdb page I can see exactly why) I was unaware that Mr. Murdoch has debuted a new song… However, I did know that he was working on some new material before going on tour with Alanis Morissette (which is an odd pair but whatever the more exposure the better. Well, after I calmed down from the excitement I googled Through The Dark and found a little teaser from the end of House… And I can’t fucking wait.

Sigur Ros is coming out with a new album June 23rd! I am really quite excited so in the mean time they have released a little preview…gobbledigook video and mp3

The song is awesome…It has really sparked my interest to hear the rest of the album, but what is up with all the naked people frolicing through the forest? And they don’t just frolic either…At one point they are rolling around naked in the dead leaves and dirt! What the hell is going on? Did these people eat a bunch of mushrooms and go mad? I don’t know but I am a little scared.

Love the song but can’t say the same about the video. Check it here.

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