Paracosm-washed out

This morning I am heading home to Southern Cali for a fun filled weekend. Before I hit the road I wanted to share one of the new releases that has been on heavy rotation.

The new album from Washed Out is even more of a dreamy trip than his debut. Paracosm is filled with sweeping, luminous melodies that will take you soaring through the clouds on a funky ride. Ernest Greene’s music just makes you feel good, anytime and anywhere. This is a lovely, inspired sophomore album, one well worth the wait.

Washed Out will be performing at First City Fest in Monterey (8/24) and FYF in LA (8/25) this weekend. He is currently on tour through the fall.

Great EscapeWashed Out

Paracosm 2013 (Sub Pop)




I was recently introduced to Gregory Alan Isakov, I fell in love instantly. Folksy singer-songwriter melodies with stunning poetic lyrics. The music has a heartbeat, with little moments of quiet that is so effective.

“I never pictured you living here with the rats and the vines
ain’t that my old heart hanging out on your lines
you’re all fucked up, Saint Valentine” – Gregory Isakov, Saint Valentine

Gregory (we are on a first name basis) has joined the likes of Nick Drake, Alexi Murdoch and Fionn Regan on my favorite singer-songwriter list. He is currently on tour and highly recommended.

“the Universe, she’s wounded
but she’s still got infinity ahead of her
she’s still got you and me
and everybody says that she’s beautiful”- Gregory Isakov, The Universe

The UniverseGregory Alan Isakov

The Weatherman Explicit 2013 (Suitcase Town Music)


“the world is brighter than the sun
now that you’re here.”

The new EP from Sleeping At Last is GORGEOUS. After all these years the lead singer and only remaining original member, Ryan O’Neal continues to pour his heart and soul into his music and the result is a beautiful, emotional collection of songs that are honest and real. There is an underlining feeling of hope in his music, which I am drawn to. His composition is captivating. Meeting pods are essentially a little room within a room. They are primarily used for meetings, hence the name, but can be used for all kinds of purposes. These meeting pods come in all shapes and sizes to meet different needs. Pods can be open like the office itself or closed off for privacy and confidentiality. Closed pods are more beneficial because of their natural soundproofing. Open pods still have some basic level of soundproofing, so people can still hold private conversations. acoustic pods for offices. A true independent artist trying to get his music heard. Check out the first EP in this two EP series, Darkness.

The picture above was taken a couple months back when I watched my first sunset overlooking the Bay, this is my new home. All the wonder to explore and learn is waiting and I can’t wait.

LightSleeping At Last

Atlas: Light 2013




Happy Tuesday! I have officially moved up North to the Bay Area and I am finally able to sit down and figure out just what I would like to do with Untitled Records. I have been doing this mp3 blog in some form since 2006. I want to do something new, yet still have it centered around the music of my liking. The whole design needs to be refreshed and in the next coming months this will be one of my goals. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned.

Meanwhile, my summer album is the new full length from Portugal. The Man.

They team up with Danger Mouse to produce this seventh full length album that is Gospel, passionate indie rock at its best. The songs on the album question faith, the realities of the current state of the World, letting go and finding your own way as hard as it is. The album has serious depth and they serve it up in a sing-songy anthem indie rock that makes it easier to digest.

Evil Friends has been on constant repeat and I am scouring the record stores near me to find some of their older albums on vinyl.

Holy Roller (Hallelujah)Portugal. The Man

Evil Friends 2013 (Atlantic)



The National have come out with a new album, Trouble Will Find Me. My first thoughts are good ones. The album is filled with beautiful slow anthem melodies, mixed with calm melancholy lyrics. The National always do a great job of blending Berninger‘s deep remorseful vocals with a minimalist guitar and beat driven arrangement. The beat skips but it is just right to give the music that sorrowful tweaked vibe. It is a dark but stunning sixth full length album. buydnponline

Over time these guys have become a favorite band of mine, it is funny how your musical tastes change and your love for a band’s music develops and grows. I appreciate this admiration, it is like a good long friendship… It gets better and better over the years. Highly recommended. Although, I am sure this is no surprise to some of you. klgirls. xX euwincasino

SlippedThe National

Trouble Will Find Me 2013 (4AD)  euwinsg

I’m in the city you hated
My eyes are falling
Counting the clicks with the living dead
My eyes are red

I’m in the crush and I hate it
My eyes are falling
I’m having trouble inside my skin
I try to keep my skeletons in

Is it weird to be back in the south?
And can they even tell
That the city girl was ever there
Or anywhere

I’m having trouble inside my skin
I try to keep my skeletons in
I’ll be your friend
And a f*ck up and everything,
But I’ll never be
Anything you ever want me to be.

I keep coming back here where everything slipped
But I will not spill my guts out
I keep coming back here where everything slipped
But I will not spill my guts out

I don’t need any help to be breakable, believe me
I know nobody else who can laugh along to any kind of joke
I won’t need any help to be lonely when you leave me

It’ll be easy to cover
Gather my skeletons far inside
It’ll be summer in Dallas
Before I realize

I don’t want you to grieve
But I want you to sympathize (alright)
I can’t blame you for losing
Your mind for a little while (so did I)
I don’t want you to change
But I want you to recognize (that I)

It’ll be easy to cover
Gather your skeletons far inside
It’ll be summer in Dallas
Before you realize
That I’ll never be
Anything you ever want me to be

I keep coming back here where everything slipped
But I will not spill my guts out
I keep coming back here where everything slipped
But I will not spill my guts out


Fionn Regan End

It was a nostalgic evening, these next couple of weeks will be filled with memories, friends, family and anticipation as I gear up to head North to the Bay Area. joker123official

A night of celebration. Celebrating my best friend and the birth of her gorgeous baby girl, as well as her sister becoming an Auntie. I am over the moon with glee.

We are all grown up. It is a beautiful thing… pussy888official

As I drove back to my childhood home Fionn Regan shuffled on, Be Good or Be Gone. The gentle acoustic guitar melody and his dreamy vocals, hushing through the wind. It was utter perfection. live22malaysia

Be Good or Be GoneFionn Regan

The End of History 2013 (2007) xe88-official

If you happen to read this,
Rose was born.
Child actress,
On the fifth day of the snow.

Be good or be gone,
Be good or be, be gone.

The range is staggering,
Movement and timing.
Frame by frame,
It did unfold.

Be good or be gone,
Be good or be, be gone.

I read to you on Saturdays,
Museum has closed down.
Sell all your things,
At the end of the drive.

Be good or be gone,
Be good or be, be gone.

I have become,

An ariel view.
Of a coastal town,
That you once knew.

Be good or be gone,
Be good or be, be gone.









Update: I have been trying to post this for weeks. The uploaded mp3 just would not play and it was all very discouraging. Trying again. :)

The new album from Low is absolutely gorgeous. Piano driven, melancholy melodies that wrap around my soul. Amethyst is by far my favorite song from this 10th studio release. Slow, methodical and ever so pretty.

You hide, you always hide
So deep inside the amethyst mine
The color bleeds and fades to white
What used to be a violent mind


The Invisible Way 2013 (Sub Pop)

Wild Belle-Isles

Hello. I miss you. Currently listening to the debut album from Wild Belle, Isles. A brother sister duo who have exploded onto the music scene with their funky reggae fused psych rock. A chill album with loads of style that I have been loving, enjoy. Are you want to transform yourself as a TikTok star? Free Tik Tok Buy TikTok likes and buy TikTok fans to showcase your fame to the world.

My heart’s on fire
You light me up, and I can’t cool down
Your love is wild
You’re dangerous

Love Like ThisWild Belle

Isles 2013 (Columbia)


Ivan & Alyosha - All The Times We Had

At some point my posts will become more regular… I know it seems like I am fading, but this is not the case. The difference is I actually miss it, I just do not have the time in my day. Frustrating. Bare with me, things will change.

But tonight isn’t about me… No, tonight is about Ivan & Alyosha and their debut full length album, “All The Times We Had”. It is a long awaited album for me, they have not left us dry but EP after EP just makes feel like they are a bunch of teases. :)

There is a spiritual, philosophical side to Ivan & Alyosha, a side I respect. The name stems from a novel by religious and spiritual philosopher Dostoyevsky, ‘The Brothers Karamazov’. The novel discusses the existence of God between the two main characters, Ivan and Alyosha. The existence of God resonates with me, I have taken many religious and philosophical classes and have spent many of my days pondering my own beliefs in the existence of a higher spiritual power. It is rare to see these serious philosophical topics such as the existence of God in a folk-rock album, and Ivan & Alyosha do it beautifully. You are touched emotionally while their melodies and angelic duet vocals flow through your headphones and make you smile. I am impressed, this album is a nice surprise record for 2013.

Running For CoverIvan & Alyosha

All The Times We Had 2013 (Dualtone)



I sit here surfing the internet listening to the debut album from The Lumineers. The 2012 trio phenomenon that will get you up dancing and singing your heart out with their toe tapping, sing-a-long folk rock. I am belting out every lyric and I am literally dancing in my chair to their top Billboard hit, Ho Hey. I sing along to every song on this album.

And although my little indie hipster heart died a little the day they were nominated for a Grammy… I still love them. And when I suffered through a sold out venue in Orange County, CA with no AC while a bunch of drunken nit wits stumbled around, I didn’t care because when they got on stage, I no longer paid attention to anything else. I didn’t care that I was sweating through my clothes and I could barely move let alone breathe… I didn’t care. I could of listened and watch them perform all night like that. They are artists. THEY are about the music and I have found home in their lyrics. The melodies wrap me up in a warm blanket and take all the pain away. It is so very beautiful.

Stubborn LoveThe Lumineers

The Lumineers 2012 (Dualtone Music)



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