I have played this song over and over… There is no other song that resonates with me as much as this song does right now in my life. I am going through a drinking stage right now mixed in with a little depression. Having a father who was a recovering alcoholic, it is a little nerve racking to go through a drinking stage. I am trying to stay on top of it, constantly reminding myself of the dangers of my genetic history. I have been addicted to things before but this is a different in the sense that this is a legal and socially acceptable drug…

I never imagined that Hank Williams III would be on my iPod, never in a million years. There is something about his honest country punk that speaks to me. It is real and blunt and I like it, a lot. Reminds me of my Dad a bit and my Americana roots. It has made me realize that I have been taking a lot of chances with my music selection as of late, opening myself up to genres and people I never imagined I would take a chance on. It is amazing what you will find speaks to you when you go in with an open mind.

Play it loud.

Country Heroes – Hank Williams III

Straight to Hell  2005 (Bruc Records)

Well, oh what a feeling
that burns down low
when you ain’t got no where to turn,
or no where to go
It makes me feel like sometimes
I’m outta control
So I’m gonna get wasted
with all my country heroes

I’m drinkin’ some George Jones,
and a little bit of Coe
Haggard’s easin’ my misery
and Waylon’s keepin’ me from home
Hank’s givin’ me those high times –
Cash is gonna sing it low
I’m here gettin’ wasted –
here with my country heroes

I’m drinkin’ that whiskey
out of that glass
and if that ain’t country,
boy, you can kiss my ass
I wanna hear them old songs –
nothin’ of the new
’cause this might be the last time
I’m gonna see you

So I’m drinkin’ some George Jones,
and a little bit of Coe
Haggard’s easin’ my misery
and Waylon’s keepin’ me from home
Hanks givin’ me those high times –
Cash is gonna sing it low
and I’m here gettin’ wasted –
just like my country heroes

I’m here gettin’ wasted –
with all my country heroes



I want to take a moment to talk about Bright Eyes. I am not sure what I have been waiting for all these years. It is really a shame that I have missed listening to all of this great music for so long. I avoided it like the plague due to silly stereotypes and just being flat out stubborn. But I was oh so wrong. I dove in head first and fell head over heels in love and now I can’t get enough. Thank you to a dear friend for showing me the way. I am eternally grateful.

Conor Oberst’s voice, his lyrics, the pain, the anger, the passion in his music makes my heart ache in only the best way. His music makes me feel it ALL and I welcome it with open arms.

Devil In the DetailsBright Eyes

Digital Ash In A Digital Urn 2005 (Saddle Creek)

A house of cards
A supple heart
Is not a place to dwell

Now you have your cake
Don’t hesitate
Come on just do it,
Come on just do it

Put it in your mouth
There is only now
Tomorrow has to wait

But know there’s no backing out
This is gonna be reality
You can never dream it down

I have No way
Of telling
The two apart

Well I made amends
In the general sense
But the devil’s in the details

And I know the cause
And I want to stop
But I can’t do it,
I just can’t do it

There was love I meant
There were accidents
So tell me which is which

‘Cus I just can’t work it out
But for memory and clarity
We had better write it down

I have no way
Of knowing the truth
With time it dissolves

I put the past into the ground
I saw the future as a cloud
If there’s still time to turn around
I’m going to

Its just one day I fell asleep
And all day all night I dreamed
I am the first one I deceive
If I can make myself believe
The rest is easy…





I often will go back through a musicians music catalog on word of an upcoming release, it makes me that much more excited for the new and unknown. Feist’s new album, Metals drops October, 4th. I am oh so ready.

One EveningFeist

Let It Die 2005 (Interscope)

The evening was long
My guesses were true
You saw me see you
That something you said
The timing was right
The pleasure was mine

The time and the place
The look on your face
Sincerest eyes

If you’re ready or not
The state of our hearts
There’s no time to take

When we started
Both brokenhearted
Not believing
It could begin and end in one evening

We were caught by the light
Held on the day
‘Till it became hours
The minutes went by
The cab is outside
There’s no time to take

When we parted
Moving on
And believing
It could begin and end in one evening

When we started both brokenhearted
Not believing
It could begin and end in one evening
When we parted
Moving on
And believing
It could begin and end in one evening







emiliana torrini-fishermans woman

Not one of my best weeks… Starting off with an 1.5 hour dentist appointment at 8AM on Monday. A very scary hospital stay for my 81 year old grandma which only leads us to realize that her mind is going and her body is growing weak, although she is still in denial and fighting us every step of the way. She is alright but they are still running some tests. It has just been a very long week to say the least and I have really not heard anything new on the music front. So tonight I have an oldie but a goodie… The always beautiful Emiliana Torrini. Enjoy this while I listen up for some new goodness to share.

mp3:   Sunny Road

Fisherman’s Woman 2005 (Rough Trade)

Available on eMusic

Inara George

I really don’t have anything to say this evening… I was not ready for this day at all and I am exhausted. All I have is some lovely Inara George

mp3:  Fools In Love

All Rise 2005 (Everloving)

Available on eMusic

I have been on a Belle & Sebastian kick lately. I haven’t always been the biggest fan of their music… However recently I have begun to see the light. Simple yet kooky Brit pop? How could I not love that? So tonight I post a very interesting track of theirs, which you can find on the Help: A Day In The Life album. A really awesome album filled with a handful of fantastic artists benefiting children around the world affected by war… Thought I would post the lyrics as well. Cheers!

mp3: The Eighth Station Of The Cross Kebab House

Belle & Sebastian

Help: A Day In The Life 2005 (War Child)

I’m sitting around at the checkpoint
Keeping myself to myself
My heart’s going out to the girl with the gun
She is young, she is fun, she is deadly

She clock’s off, goes back to the city
Goes to a club with her friends

I just took a walk through the checkpoint
Past columns of poor Arab sons
They queue through the day for a chance to make pay
For something to put in their mouths

He can’t sleep at night without gunfire
The lullaby puts him to sleep

We stand there accused of the British collusion
Israel into Palestine
A victory for some an astonishing hope
But for him it has brought devastation

He lives like a prisoner in exile
He lives like a prisoner in hell

Doves black and white in the blue vault of space
Swoop around like a symbol of peace
Can they see the hawk?
They’re too busy in talk of love
Why should they contemplate fear?

Everyone meets in the cramped city streets
Hipsters of zion collide
To talk music and dross
At the sign of The Cross
We eat our falafel in peace
The girl let’s her uniform slip
The boy cracks a joke he is sweet
He’s listens to Hip Hop in Gaza
She listens to Coldplay in Lod

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