I have been on a Belle & Sebastian kick lately. I haven’t always been the biggest fan of their music… However recently I have begun to see the light. Simple yet kooky Brit pop? How could I not love that? So tonight I post a very interesting track of theirs, which you can find on the Help: A Day In The Life album. A really awesome album filled with a handful of fantastic artists benefiting children around the world affected by war… Thought I would post the lyrics as well. Cheers!

mp3: The Eighth Station Of The Cross Kebab House

Belle & Sebastian

Help: A Day In The Life 2005 (War Child)

I’m sitting around at the checkpoint
Keeping myself to myself
My heart’s going out to the girl with the gun
She is young, she is fun, she is deadly

She clock’s off, goes back to the city
Goes to a club with her friends

I just took a walk through the checkpoint
Past columns of poor Arab sons
They queue through the day for a chance to make pay
For something to put in their mouths

He can’t sleep at night without gunfire
The lullaby puts him to sleep

We stand there accused of the British collusion
Israel into Palestine
A victory for some an astonishing hope
But for him it has brought devastation

He lives like a prisoner in exile
He lives like a prisoner in hell

Doves black and white in the blue vault of space
Swoop around like a symbol of peace
Can they see the hawk?
They’re too busy in talk of love
Why should they contemplate fear?

Everyone meets in the cramped city streets
Hipsters of zion collide
To talk music and dross
At the sign of The Cross
We eat our falafel in peace
The girl let’s her uniform slip
The boy cracks a joke he is sweet
He’s listens to Hip Hop in Gaza
She listens to Coldplay in Lod


3 Responses to “My Dear Belle & Sebastian”

  1. bentley waters on July 4th, 2008 6:55 am

    i love the beat. very cool. and i love that you put the lyrics up.

  2. Richard on July 9th, 2008 12:00 pm

    If you haven’t already, you HAVE to buy their first 3 albums and the singles collection. Essential buys. They are amazing. Quality kinda goes down hill after that but the rest are still worth a listen.

  3. Rachel on July 9th, 2008 12:57 pm

    I totally agree!!! Their first 3 albums are really amazing but then it does kind of dwindle after that… I wonder what your thoughts are about that… You probably have a post about it some where on your blog. ;-)

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