Time is slipping away.

Shed Your LoveThe Helio Sequence

Keep Your Eyes Ahead 2008 (Sub Pop)

Drank the dark wine of the New York night
My shattered mind across the borderline
Spent the night in someone else’s arms
Shed your love, shed your love
Shed your love, shed your love
On a subway train before the dawn
The ride was short but my thoughts were long
Couldn’t figure what got in to me
Shed your love, shed your love
Shed your love, shed your love
Headed out to leave it all behind
Escape it all to see what I could find
Told you on the phone across the sea
Shed your love, shed your love
Shed your love, shed your love
Fell off of the plane in Amsterdam
Shop the streets to find out who I am
Come on back to me, reality
Shed your love, shed your love
Shed your love, shed your love
Home again to find that you were gone
On a subway train before the dawn
Said that you couldn’t stay and wait for me
Shed your love, shed your love
Shed your love, shed your love
Drank the dark wine of the New York night
My shattered mind across the borderline
Spent the night in someone else’s arms
Shed your love, shed your love
Shed your love, shed your love
Shed your love, shed your love

There is something about Sharon Van Etten that is just perfection. Her angelic yet raspy vocals? Her poetic lyrics? The sorrow and raw emotion you feel in every song? It is all of it. She is all of it. SVE will be at The Hollywood Bowl with The National on September 11th and I would cut a bitch for some tickets, of course I would bandage the cut after to show no hard feelings and then be on my merry way.

Save YourselfSharon Van Etten

Epic 2010 (Ba Da Bing)

Yesterday started out with a mauled dead cat from a coyote on the lawn (not mine), traffic and ended 12 hours later when I finally got home from the office. Yuck!

Today is shaping up to be a much better day to say the least. My last weekend of the summer is beginning and I am planning to enjoy it to the fullest. Beach, drinks and the long awaited release of the new Untitled Records design. Finally making it official in hopes this will get my ass in gear to put in the work to release it this weekend.

In the mean time I have been listening to calming, relaxing folk. Allowing the summer breeze to blow through my hair and the music to fill my ears. It is a beautiful thing.

If Time Was For WastingDylan LeBlanc

Paupers Field 2010 (Rough Trade)


That’s The Spirit is a band from Ottawa, CA and they create real, honest folk that is absolutely fantastic. They are self-released and wonderful. That’s The Spirit is the perfect band name, right on for the type of music they create. Their music gives off a really great folk vibe. My only request is that they continue to make music because they are oh so good at it. So please help support this unsigned band and buy their album. xx

Every CityThat’s The Spirit

Staying Places 2008 (Antique Room)

So beautiful…

The Water Johnny Flynn Featuring Laura Marling

“There’s no reasons, no excuses
There’s no second-hand alibis
Just some black ink on some blue lines
And a shadow you won’t recognize”

Tonight something wonderful, something mellow and calming. I am flying to NY on Thursday… Flying always freaks me out just a bit. The stress and nerves get me every time and these days it is so much more difficult with all the security and restrictions… that alone is enough to make anyone feel a bit on edge. I am not a big traveler, there is something about being stuck with all these strangers for 5+ hours that gives me a bit of the heebie jeebies. But I do love NY and I am excited to be there for a few days with my Mom, family and friends.

I am currently listening to the debut full length from The Civil Wars, really a bare bones beautiful album. Also, check out Pressing Flowers from their Poison & Wine EP, gorgeous track that should be in everyone’s music library. xx

20 YearsThe Civil Wars

Barton Hollow 2011 (Sensibility Music)

…and at once i knew i was not magnificent.
high above the highway aisle
(jagged vacance, thick with ice)
i could see for miles, miles, miles

There is a certain freedom you hear on this new album, an openness and greater depth that was not previously heard on For Emma, Forever Ago. Bon Iver is an album filled with elaborate, vivid arrangements accompanied by Justin Vernon’s unique vocals. This album is Bon Iver the band.  It breathes life into your ears and you feel the emotion.  It is bold, dreamy and beautiful, a definite favorite of 2011.

Holocene (explicit lyrics) Bon Iver

Bon Iver 2011 (Jagjaguwar)

It has been a few years since we heard from Beirut. So when I heard they have a new album coming out I was extremely excited… And from what I hear on the single, East Harlem it is going to be good. The new album, The Rip Tide is set to be released at the end of August.

As unique as Zach Condon’s music is there is something comforting about it, his voice, the delicate yet powerful European Balkan folk music that is mixed with just the right amount of indie-pop to keep it modern. There is a reason why I have all of his albums and I have seen him live and will probably see him again at the next opportunity. He is one of a kind and in a generic world where American Idol popular contest folks are selling more albums than the Grammy winning band Arcade Fire, I tend to cherish bands like Beirut.

East HarlemBeirut

East Harlem 2011 (Pompeii Records)

Beirut – East Harlem by Revolver USA

I needed to zone out and listen to music tonight, forget about the day and just live right there in the moment with the music. I know I sound a little kumbayaish right now but I am just going to roll with it. I am currently listening to, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., It’s A Corporate World and I highly recommend you listen to it too.

Morning ThoughtDale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

It’s A Corporate World 2011 (Warner Bros.)



Meh. Sums me up right about now. I have very little left in me this evening. Just the music… Always the music.

Everything is Burning is a beautiful singer-songwriter folk song, absolutely what I need this evening. Check out the rest of their new EP, Fathers Be Kind, quiet gorgeous. They create unique indie rock folk songs about family, faith, disbelief and all around life.

Everything is BurningIvan & Alyosha

Fathers Be Kind EP 2011

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