I Voted

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Just voted… I had to vote provisionally though even though I registered. I am kind of annoyed but whatever it still felt so good to vote for Obama today, I have never felt this way about any other candidate.

Go out and vote!

I am so very happy that Obama won last night but a little upset that one of our Props didn’t get knocked down. The Gay Marriage prop here in the southland passed and I am very disappointed. Just when you think we are progressing something like this happens… I guess we will get there someday…
I would love to hear some of you experiences at the polls, it has been so quiet around here, no one has been commenting. :-(


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  1. David on November 8th, 2008 10:50 am

    I have to say as an outsider to US politics in being a Brit, I followed some of the election fever and would have personally voted for Obama myself as I felt that he just had that new spark that the USA needs to get itself back in good favour with the rest of the world.

    Early days but I have good feeling about this president in relation to the world stage and what he may achieve.

  2. celera on November 9th, 2008 6:26 pm

    No experience at the polls, because a couple of years ago I found that you can register to vote absentee in CA. So now I get my ballot in the mail and I sent it in a week or so before the election. It’s great! One year I forgot to fill it in before election day, but I still just brought it to the polling place, skipped the line, and dropped it off. Everybody should do this.

    I’m sorry Prop 8 passed, the others mostly went in ways I agree with. The right way to deal with gay marriage, I think, is to separate marriage — a religious and cultural concept — from domestic partnerships — a civil/legal relationship. The govt. has no place protecting the sanctity of marriage or anything else. Sanctity is not the govt’s job. However, this would be really complicated also, and therefore probably won’t happen.

    Maybe our kids will see the first openly gay president :).

  3. Rachel on November 10th, 2008 2:05 am

    After this experience I am going to do the same from now on…I mean think of all the people this happened to hear in California… Prop 8 might have not passed. That is what bothers me.

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