Woody Allen #44

Hey folks, Pip here, that’s right I’ve returned!

Of course it’s really no surprise that a new Woody Allen film is out.  There’s always a new Woody Allen film coming, here, or going and it’s almost to the point now where we take him for granted.  All of his films, be they amazing or bad or something in between, are worth watching.  The man has so much to say and do I can’t even think up a good metaphor… allegory… hell I can’t even come up with something that rhymes that can show my appreciation for his vast body of work.  As a student of film I’m quite ashamed to say that I haven’t seen them all, but I’m slowly working on it.

Preface aside, I really enjoyed his latest even if I do wish he was the narrator instead of that guy.  Who the hell was that guy anyway?  Some guy that played a photographer technician in The Good Shepard?  Weird…  Anyway, for a man that’s got a love affair with New York – Woody, not the narrator, he sure is treating Europe like a passionate mistress that has brought out an old man’s inner fire.  I think it’s great that the melieu of his films have changed as has the tone and characters to suit.  His European films have a special sort of laziness and tension that coalesce into something that’s decidedly Woody.

The players of this film are all known from their previous work and their reputations hold fast here.  Given Woody’s witty, yet realistic, words the actors make the sordid things in life look good.  Javier Bardem could probably seduce me, so he’s got no problem taking down two beautifully difficult women, make that three!  Sweet!  Not only is it entertaining, but it puts relationships under a microscope showing more truth there than most writers, directors and actors dare give us in an entire career.  The wonderful thing about a Woody Allen film is they all make it look so easy.

The movie is part romantic weekend, part insane ex-wife and part Spain.  Mix together, add sugar and a pinch of Jewish cynicism and you’ve got a wonderful story that allows all parties to walk away having learned something, including me.


One Response to “Vicky Christina Barcelona”

  1. Rachel on August 22nd, 2008 1:42 pm

    Yeah, I enjoyed this film as well. I love Woody Allen but I totally wish he would have narrated it! I don’t know why he didn’t… But man did this film make me want to go SPAIN!!! Beautiful.

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