Rewind #2: Bound

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Pip here, back with another Rewind to fill up your Netflix queue.

Back before the Watchowski Bros. were brother and sister, they penned and directed this beautifully taut thriller.  I remember one fateful day working at the Block-bleezie walking up and down the isles straightening out all of our VHS tapes.  This was something I actually enjoyed doing because I was really looking for a gem I hadn’t seen or heard of before.  I saw the cover of the tape and saw some sexy women with rope tied all over the place, that with the title and you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to realize the reasoning behind my renting it.  At the time I was still learning all of the director’s and writer’s names, so I didn’t think much of not knowing who the Watchowskis were.  I asked my fellow co-workers if they had seen it, none had.  I felt that ecstacy one feels whenever they breech into the undiscovered country.  That sense of pure unadulterated geek stayed with me until I finally let out a breath that I’d been holding for over an hour by the time the credits rolled.  My back ached from holding the same “oh shit” position and my mind was completely blown.  Am I playing up the film too much?  Probably, yeah.

It seems that everyone in and around the film really brought their A-game to the table.  Everyone, even the camera guys, left their blood all over the twenty four beautiful frames per second.  That, alone, gets my attention.  That kind of love one cannot fake.  So when I say the film, as a story, is not exactly revolutionary and somewhat predictable you’ll forgive my adoration.  I can imagine the pitch meeting going something like this: “Ok, so we have these two beautiful women that fall in love with each other and-” “Could there be a lesbian sex scene?” “Um, yeah, sure and so one of them is tangled up with the mob and they want to steal all of the money and-” “My cousin would make a great mobster.” “Um, yeah, sure and so the ending spirals out of control and you never know who’s going to die next!” “Sex, mob and money!  We’ll make millions!”

They did not make millions, I’ll cut to the chase right there.  All kidding aside, this film is very cutting edge for 1996.  You can see the Watchowski style just wanting to break out of its pocket-change budget.  You can see a lesbian sex scene.  You can feel the tension dripping down your back, much like the sweat in the lesbian sex scene.   This thing is pure Watchowski Neo Noir.  Just think The Matrix without jumping and instead of machines there are mobsters and it all takes place in an apartment building.  I think if you give it a chance you’ll see exactly why a major studio trusted these two wacky brothers with The Matrix.  It really is quite spectacular.


2 Responses to “Rewind #2: Bound”

  1. Rachel on March 28th, 2008 12:46 pm

    Wow sounds like a well written porno, I am sure all the guys will love to add this to their Netflix queue. hehehe

  2. Pip on April 1st, 2008 7:49 pm

    Well… I suppose it could be considered a porno if all you need is about 10 second to… yeah, no it’s not a porno! It’s a thriller that will punch you in the stomach and force your teeth to grind down to the nub!

    Damn, I should have saved that for the next thriller…

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