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The Frames have been making music since 1995 but with lead singer Glen Hansard starring in “Once” and their recent album, The Cost which was released in February of this year on the ANTI Label; The Frames have finally received some world wide attention…

But when I went to see “Once” this passed weekend at the new Landmark Theater in snooty Santa Monica I noticed that there was no mention of The Frames new album in the usher’s introduction, in fact there was not one mention of The Frames in general, which ruffled my feathers to say the least considering “Falling Slowly” and “When Your Minds Made Up” are present on both album and soundtrack. And after seeing the movie I am not really sure why the director didn’t just make this movie about “the band” with a concentration on the two main characters…It would have worked to have the whole band there from the beginning I think…I don’t know that is just my two cents, of course I am a little bias as I have made it my business to introduce people to music from bands like The Frames and when I see perfectly good opportunities to promote unknown music it baffles me when it doesn’t seem to happen…

Anyways lets get right to it shall we? The Frames blend gentle folk melodies with passionate lyrical honesty and explosive yet sensitive guitars. It is all really quite appealing like in that warm inviting art house coffee shop kind of way. My favorite song of theirs you can only find on the album, The Cost, but I highly recommend picking up a copy of the album or the soundtrack or tickle me pink and get both you won’t be disappointed…And you will want to have something after seeing the movie. :)

mp3 Expired: Rise

The Cost 2007 (ANTI Label) GET IT

Once Soundtrack 2007 (Columbia) GET IT


4 Responses to “The Frames”

  1. tara on June 21st, 2007 9:48 am

    i heard the funniest (most funny for shane) joke last night.

    “you know how they have those anti-piracy warnings now on cds and dvds…? like, would you steal a cell phone? would you steal a car?

    well no. i wouldnt.

    BUT if my FRIEND called me up and said hey dude! i just got a new car. want me to BURN A COPY FOR YOU?

    well….i just might consider it.”

    so-maybe you could burn me a copy of cost.

  2. Joe on June 22nd, 2007 11:36 am

    And your opinion of the movie???? I thought it was awesome:)

  3. Rachel on June 23rd, 2007 11:19 am

    Hehe I know you loved it Joe, if it wasn’t for your recommendation I might have not gone to see it, so thanks for the tip off…I enjoyed it indeed, I think most of all I enjoyed Glen Hansard because it was so real and filled with passion.

  4. Joe on June 25th, 2007 6:45 am

    agreed…the are actually going on a small us tour (as the swell season) starting in july. if you go to the movie’s myspace there is tour info – they’re playing LA. I’m trying to swing going to the show in Philly – it’s at the 1st Unitarian Church which holds only about 500 people. I saw the Cold War Kids there with Delta Spirit – it was incredible!

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