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Ummm since we are a bit in limbo here in regards to new music…I am literally wanting to post something good that has been released in 2007 but it being Jan 3rd and all it is difficult to really suggest music that I haven’t been able to absorb to maximum sponge like absorption levels.

I do have some songs that were sitting there on my hard drive wanting to be played…Of course I remembered why these songs are rarely played as soon as I clicked on them and Windows Media Player pops up and instantly alerts me of an update. One update mind you…Yeah the update from media player 10 to media player 11! I was sitting here for an hour, I got up did some laundry baked a cake and came back to see that finally it had finished and now wanted me to restart…Which then caused my laptop to get all pissy because SOME operating system, which will remain nameless is making it reboot even though it knew very well it was unnecessary to reboot because it already had recognized there was an update.

Geez, it is stuff like this which makes me want to rebel and say, “No! I will not update! I will press on and triumph above the Windows Microsoft Corporation!” “Victory will be mine!”

But alas if I did that then I wouldn’t be able to hear these songs which I downloaded many moons ago from War Child Music and since it was before I got my cute little pod I downloaded them as windows media fuck files, so after a little tweaking I bring you a couple of songs from my long lost War Child Music downloads.

If you are scratching your head wondering what the hell War Child Music is then I highly recommend taking a gander here.

Two songs by 2 of my favs…

Easy To Please (mp3 expired)
Coldplay, Brothers & Sisters (1999)
download or order here

Lucky (mp3 expired)
Radiohead, OK Computer (1997) and Help: A Charity Project for the Children of Bosnia (1995)
download or order here


5 Responses to “Random Music”

  1. mjrc on January 4th, 2007 5:06 am

    have you read mentok’s rant on symantec? it’s pretty funny.

    i wish i liked coldplay. i have an unusual aversion to them that i can’t fully explain. but this album seems like it was a worthwhile effort.

    you know, i’m feeling a bit weird about posting “old” music, too, but i know i shouldn’t. i mean, it’s impossible to be absolutely current, in the sense that current in the blog world really means ahead of the curve, you know? : )

  2. Don't Need Anything on January 4th, 2007 8:35 am

    oh i love old coldplay! their earlier stuff really had a depth of sound that the newer stuff doesnt quite attain to.
    and as someone who posts nancy sinatra songs, i have to say that there is nothing wrong with posting older music. :)

  3. Rachel on January 5th, 2007 5:18 am

    Marcy, thanks for pointing me in that direction. My comment is like a novel and wait until I post the outcome of my lovely evening.
    Coldplay leaves some feeling quite cold, I understand. I mean we know where I stand with Sufjan. ;-)
    And when is 2007 going to begin? I mean damn everyone who leaks albums before their release! Damn them all to hell, they ruin everything.

    Matthew, I TOTALLY agree and I swear today I was driving and I didn’t want to bust out the pod for such a short distance so I flipped through the changer and X&Y has been in my changer since I got the car and as I was listening I said to myself, “still isn’t as good as Parachutes” I have felt the same way for awhile now, their new stuff doesn’t have staying power like their old stuff. Supposedly they are test driving some new stuff on the road, I am anxious to hear something new from them.

    Nancy Sinatra is timeless and there is nothing wrong with older music, I am just itching for something new I suppose. But that really won’t bring anything new and great any sooner…

    Radiohead however is timeless, I am currently on a Radiohead kick, I will take little breaks now and then but other than that I can pretty much listen to anything of theirs at anytime with the exception of Hail to the Thief, couple songs I like from that album but otherwise I just don’t adore it like the others.

  4. Don't Need Anything on January 5th, 2007 8:07 am

    the radiohead record i just cant get into in the slightest is amnesiac. i know people who swear by that record and carve its lyrics into their arms with broken pieces of ok computer vinyl, but i listened to it and thought “what the hell happened to thom?” but i still cant get enuff of “the bends”. every song on that record is made of gold.

  5. Rachel on January 5th, 2007 2:22 pm

    First album I listened to was The Bends my dad gave it to me to listen to and it comes right after Kid A on my list of fav Radiohead albums.

    I know people who swear by that record and carve its lyrics into their arms with broken pieces of ok computer vinyl…
    you crack me up.

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