Rob: I get by because of the people who make a special effort to shop here – mostly young men – who spend all their time looking for deleted Smith singles, and original – not re released, underlined – Frank Zappa albums. Fetish properties are not unlike porn. I’d feel guilty taking their money, if I wasn’t…well…kinda one of them.

High Fidelity as one of my All Time Favs? What a cliché, but a damn good cliché! I think I have watched this movie like 52 million times, maybe that’s an exaggeration, it might be more like 51 million. My copy isn’t in it’s box and I have no idea where it is but that’s alright because it was a VHS and after watching it 51 million times it only really had one or two more viewings before it went to VHS heaven right along side my VHS copy of Kicking and Screaming (1995). But I digress…

John Cusack is a cutie patooty and he can make me a mix tape any day…This movie appeals to both men and women and that is rare. The soundtrack really just completes the package nicely with gift wrap and a big giant red bow.

Selecting one song to include this pick as an All Time Fav was not an easy task…Stereolab, The Beta Band, The Velvet Underground and then some appear on this soundtrack and if you don’t own this soundtrack…Go buy it right now. Seriously stop what you are doing and go to your nearest record store and pick up a copy ASAP.

After careful consideration…

Cold Blooded Old Times (mp3 expired)Smog
High Fidelity Soundtrack (2000) [Get it]
also available on Knock Knock (1999) [Get it]

Smog is awesome, Bill Callahan is brilliant…

the type of memories
that turn your bones
turn your bones to glass

and though you were
just a little squirrel
you understood every word

and in this way
they gave you clarity
a cold-blooded clarity

Cold-blooded old times
Cold-blooded old times
Cold-blooded old times

though how can I stand
and laugh with the man
who redefined your body?…

-Smog (Bill Callahan)

Fucking chilling it’s so good.


9 Responses to “All Time Favorite #10”

  1. Rich on January 30th, 2007 7:19 am

    One of my absolute favorites as well, although I’m sure the Hornby purists will complain. Despite his many flaws, I heart Rob.

  2. tad on January 30th, 2007 10:18 am

    “what came first, the music or the misery?” i’ve been trying to figure that out for years. great movie, great soundtrack, and nice pick with the smog

  3. Alie on January 30th, 2007 11:17 am

    Fantastic choice. I just finished reading the book and I remembered how much I loved the movie and this song. Nicely done.

    Have you ever heard the Martin Tielli version of this? I saw in on The Wedge [which is on Much Music] a couple years ago and it was a really good cover but I can’t find it anywhere.

    Any way, nicely done.

  4. Don't Need Anything on January 30th, 2007 11:46 am

    one of my favorite books, one of my favorite movies and one of my favorite soundtracks.

    you know youve gone obsessive when youve done like i have a reconstructed some of the top5 lists on cassette.

  5. Rich on January 30th, 2007 12:06 pm

    DNA, please don’t run when the men with the straight-jacket come to take you away. You’ll just make it harder on everyone.

  6. coxon le woof on January 30th, 2007 2:56 pm

    What came first … your great taste in movies or your great taste in music?

    Seriously, I haven’t disagreed with one of your movie picks yet! And if I may be sold bold, if you haven’t seen it yet, can i recommend you check out ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’. Ace film.

  7. Mentok the Mindtaker on January 30th, 2007 4:23 pm

    Your observation about this being a movie that appeals to men and women is bang on. It’s one of Mrs. M and my favourite “couples movies”.

    And speaking of Mrs. M, she uses the expression “cutie patooty” all the time too. Don’t tell me you’re a closet Rosie fan too!

  8. Wayne on January 30th, 2007 5:14 pm

    High Fidelity is a great movie, luckily the film was put in the hands of a master like John Cusack. Love the Smog track too, just saw him in Sydney and he was great. Also I think this is only film that I can stomach Jack Black in.

  9. Rachel on January 30th, 2007 6:15 pm

    Pleased to hear everyone hearts High Fid…I am not surprised though hehe considering present company and all (Rich-you crack me up, Tad-I think misery came first but music can be a great soundtrack to the misery, Matthew-yes that is definitely a bit obsessive, listen to Rich try not to resist :-P)

    Alie, I have not heard Martin Tielli version I will have to check it out. Thanks!

    Coxon, awww now I am all pink and fuzzy like, thanks coxon our tastes are so similar though as I did see ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ and it was very good, but I shut my eyes a few times and from the sound of all the fellow movie watchers nothing was really left for the imagination in that respect. But that aside it was fantastic, I am just a chicken shit when it comes to that stuff. I HATE BEING A GIRL!

    Mentok, a Rosie fan? Can’t say I am a closet Rosie fan. I was so saying that ages before she was…But I got a good laugh thinking about me being a closet Rosie fan. I mean I don’t hate her or anything, I am simply neutral. But tell Mrs. Mentok to fly free with her Rosie love. ;-)

    Thanks Wayne, and I am jealous you got to see Smog recently, I think I missed him here…And I totally agree Jack Black is just too much to take sometimes.

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