I am not in the best of moods…I just finished listening to some terrible, terrible music; listening to such things usually influences my over all well being.

But it is alright because then I heard the music of Pure Horsehair (not the most appealing band name in the world but you get over it) and I began to forget all the other malarkey. Pure Horsehair reminded me that some of the best music is found where you least expect it to be.
I have a confession…I tend to stray away from the Country/Folk isle, which is really something I try to be aware of in my quest for music, but I must admit sometimes I avoid this section like the plague.

Pure Horsehair though is a perfect example of why I need to suck it up and browse the feared Country/Folk section.
I do agree that you can most certainly hear the country folk influence in Garrett Devoe ‘s acoustic melodies, however I wouldn’t strictly classify his new album, Aubade as country.

Anywho, give it a listen and decide for yourself…If you like Damien Jurado, The Lancaster Orchestra, Jose Gonzalez or Sparrow Horse I suggest checking out Pure Horsehair.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and all of their wishes came true :) Mine was rather uneventful but quiet and peaceful, that is always good.

I know that Marcy got a kick ass turntable, but I would love to hear some of your favorite gifts or memorable moments from the holidays…
Notice how I talk about the holidays in the past tense? This is because if I hear one more Christmas/Holiday tune I think I might lose it.

Alright I am going to bed…Hopefully tomorrow I will wake-up and it will be Saturday morning, that would be sweet!

All Is Fine, All Is Well (mp3 expired)

The Sun is the Source (mp3 expired)

(highly recommended)

Pure Horsehair, Aubade [Get it]


3 Responses to “Pure Horsehair, Aubade”

  1. tad on December 27th, 2006 2:23 pm

    ooh i like these very much. i don’t really hear the country/folk influence though…

    so since you’re so sick of holiday tunes, i hope that the “terrible, terrible music” that you put you in a bad mood yesterday was not the sufjan stevens xmas song i put up yesterday! that’s like a double whammy–ouch! but it really was the worst christmas ever for me!


  2. Rachel on December 27th, 2006 3:25 pm

    Haha! No I was not referring to your Sufjan post. You get a “Get out of jail free” card because you were so sick over Christmas. ;-)

    Glad you are feeling better and I am glad you like Pure Horsehair.

  3. mjrc on December 27th, 2006 7:36 pm

    i tend to stay away from anything country too, although singer-songwriter type stuff is more listenable than any outright band type stuff, imho. : )

    i am sooooooooo digging my turntable. i played some albums from my distant past and i could still remember all the words, the riffs, the everything . . . it really is great.

    i’m glad christmas is over, too, mostly coz i was so sick christmas eve and all day monday. ugh. time to move on!

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