Will: I wanna move up to Nashua, get a nice little spread, get some sheep and tend to them.Oh yes, the famous Good Will Hunting. When this film came out I was obsessed, watched it all the time…Still do. Although, I do believe all the hype about this movie has affected me a bit, but that is with most things and if I ignore it I can still find myself lost in the dialogue of this film, especially the conversations of Robin Williams and Matt Damon’s characters.

I have to admit though I think I enjoyed the soundtrack of this film most of all. An Elliott Smith dominated soundtrack with tracks by Al Green, The Dandy Warhols and an original score by Danny Elfman make this film and soundtrack my All Time Favorite #6.

Angeles (mp3 expired) – Elliott Smith

Good Will Hunting Soundtrack
also available on


5 Responses to “All Time Favorite #6”

  1. <strong>Renegado en escala de grises</strong> on December 15th, 2006 1:19 am

    sure, we really miss him…

  2. Rich on December 15th, 2006 1:53 am

    I’m still hoping for the blockbuster sequel — Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season.

  3. Mentok the Mindtaker on December 15th, 2006 9:16 am

    That sounds like my kinda sequel, Rich. I always wanted to do a Sound of Music sequel with the working title Sound of Music II: Von Trapp’s Revenge, where Captain Von Trapp comes back with the liberating army at the end of the war, finds Rolf and beats him to a pulp before strangling him with the chord from that stupid little whistle.

    I know it sounds graphic, but really doesn’t everybody hate Rolf?

  4. Rachel on December 15th, 2006 11:40 am

    Oh my!


  5. Anonymous on December 15th, 2006 1:15 pm

    I need to see that movie again. Something tells me I will appreciate it more now.

    -Andy, Concrete Circles
    Still can’t log in.

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