This was quite a difficult post to complete…Indecisive and I like to make things difficult on myself, it is a terrible habit/trait/disorder what have you…Straight to the point though, as I have been fighting off the sniffles for the last two days, I am fading fast…Actually I faded about 3 hours ago…But you know tomorrow’s Friday, cheers!

Talk recently released their new single ‘Bypass Control’ on July 31st. If Talk doesn’t sound familiar to you then how about Telex? If neither ring any bells then go here and learn all about them on their myspace. Sorry I would love to go on…But really it is unnecessary for me to restate their space…I will say that this band is a mesh between Sigur Ros and a pinch of Radiohead with their own psychotic twist thrown in (their video gave me that creepy mind fuck feeling) but the music is quite good.

Happy Friday to all!

– Talk, Bypass Control.mp3 – Talk, Return To Factory.mp3

+ Bypass Control Video @ YouTube

Buy here

Goodnight I am off to take some Echinacea and Zinc and then it is sleepy dream time for me. :)


One Response to “Talk, ‘Bypass Control’”

  1. FiL on August 24th, 2006 6:19 pm

    Oooh, frazzly electronic beats and angular geetarz – we like.

    Return to Factory – some days that’s exactly how I feel…


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