Handle-shaped Prominence (09.14.1999)

Tired, so very tired this evening. Long day, sick of summer…I wish I could just walk around all the time with my head phones on, tune in to the music and tune out the world around me. Am I a bad person for wanting this?

I guess my view of the world as of this moment is like watching a bad movie (for instance War of the Worlds, sorry to the fans) War of the Worlds was written terribly but whenever it is on the tele. I can’t seem to take my eyes off it…This is how I am in regards to the world right now…Anyways how did I get on this topic? Where am I? What am I? And who may I ask are you?

Must sleep now, good night, good morning, and to some good afternoon.

I leave you with new music from, A Lily & 0898 Dave.

A Lily, I Am To You (mp3 expired)Wake:Sleep available here

0898 Dave, Ballad of Henry (mp3 expired)

When The River Runs Dry We Die available here


One Response to “Falling Asleep While Sitting Up”

  1. unknown on August 3rd, 2006 9:57 pm

    Not a bad person but a normal person. You know this. But, as is said, life is about the sweet and the sour. And yes, the watching-the-world implode on itself can be, oddly, watchable. I suppose the thing to do is get involved, in any small way. Change things. Not just watch or talk about it.
    Easier said than done, naturally. You got on the topic because you care, you are in LA, you are you, I am me… just a boy who likes his music.

    Hello ,goodbye, goodnight, good morning… rest easy Rachel.


    PS, loved the music. just what I needed to hear.. something that I could soak in… in a headspace sort of way…

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