David Bazan, Fewer Moving Parts

David Bazan (aka Pedro the Lion) continues to make music but now under his own name and under his own roof. Bazan returns to his home studio where he will record everything himself, but he is not going backwards by any means. Instead he moves forward by incorporating multi-tracked guitars, layers of harmonious sound, and intricate piecing with his unique lyrics and melodic voice.

His new EP ‘Fewer Moving Parts’ contains two different versions of 5 new songs; one version striped to the bare bone and another version with full instrumentation. I am loving this EP and seriously can’t wait for his full length expected in 2007, which he will go to work on after his tour.
Cheers to artistic progression!

In other news my car has been in the shop since Thursday…$1400 worth of damage to my favorite car all from running over a board of wood on the freeway. Although, I am only paying my insurance deductible I fear if I don’t get my car back soon I think I may cry.

These last two days seem to have passed by slower than a full 30 day month…But I keep moving on…Like coxon said,

‘just keep on keeping on ’cause eventually, slowly but surely, you’ll come unstuck. It’s all just like eating toffee really.’

Well said, indeed. :)

The songs…

mp3: David Bazan, Cold Beer And Cigarettes (mp3 expired)
mp3: David Bazan, Backwoods Nation (Acoustic) (mp3 expired)

Album available at Amazon & emusic


4 Responses to “David Bazan, Fewer Moving Parts”

  1. Oprayearth on July 12th, 2006 6:55 am

    Wow your car has been in the shop for a long time.If I remember correctly my sister’s civic was in the shop for three days due to my accident.

  2. FiL on July 12th, 2006 12:19 pm

    Oh dear. Poor car. Poor lovelybelle.

    It could have been worse: you could have run over an armadillo. Apparently Dilly’s natural defence mechanism is to leap straight up into the air, thus startling a potential predator and allowing her to scamper away. Unfortunately, when the predator happens to be a car, Dilly leaps right smack into its underside, causing both significant mecanical damage and her demise.

    Poor Dilly.

    Poor car.

    Poor lovelybelle.

    Ah, I’ve come full circle….

    Hope you get on the road again soon. And watch out for armadillos.


  3. rickdog on July 13th, 2006 11:06 pm

    love your selections, a little eclectic and always musical. i’ll bookmark you as a fave
    – minneapolis guy

  4. Rachel on July 15th, 2006 6:00 am

    Opray, the length in time is quite unusual, I don’t know what they are doing…

    Fil, each day a smile lights up on my face when I think about how wonderful it is that our worlds collided in the large Kingdom of Blogs. I am thankful it did.

    rickdog, thanks for the fav and I am glad you enjoyed. :)

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