I’ve been wholly neglectful of my reviews, and for that I apologize.  Reading a film review so far late in the game doesn’t really help most people out there.  I only hope maybe those that don’t see these in theaters will catch them on DVD in the near future.  My first review, well both of them really, is fairly difficult as it needs a preface of sorts.  I always try to take a movie on what it gives the audience.  I try not to get wrapped up with outside forces or current events or how well it adapted a book I’ve read.  I’m doing the same to these following reviews however much I might want to get up on my soapbox.



I love Gus Van Sant of course.  He has this relaxed air about his films, the actors are definitely king on his set.  This much is most likely obvious to even the average movie-goer.  I discovered him without realizing who it was when I watched My Own Private Idaho, and of course again with Good Will Hunting.  I was even along for the ride with the brilliant, yet difficult to watch, ‘death trilogy’.  So, like all my favorite directors, when I realized he was going to direct my favorite asshole Mr. Penn, I was quite titillated.

I say Sean Penn is my favorite asshole because he is a gigantic asshole.  Have you seen him in interviews?  It’s actually funny.  Damnit the man can act, though.  I really don’t know anyone else that changes so much from role to role.  This is the same guy that was in Dead Man Walking and Fast Times at Ridgemont High?  As I said, the actor is king on Van Sant’s set, Penn is not the only that flourishes.  Each and every one of the guys on screen so exuded the time and place, not to mention their character as a real life human being.  I think aside from Milk himself, James Franco’s Scott Smith I felt the most connection with.  Their relationship on screen was almost heartbreaking to see unfold, but the love between them was palpable which is something difficult when working with a beautiful member of the opposite sex let alone… well Franco is pretty damn hot.  As method actors, were they gay during shooting?  Am I gay?

Similar to the Titanic, I knew how this one was going to end.  I didn’t mind, though.  I really enjoyed getting to know Harvey Milk.  I’m sorry to see that his battle was only the tip of the beginning, but what a beginning.  This story, like other great men or women that changed history, show us how powerful we really are as individuals.  We are truly greater than anything anyone else believes us to be, including the government of our local municipality, city, county, state and country.  Harvey Milk is a hero in my book and definitely deserved to have his story told in the medium of the day.  See it if, especially if man-flesh bothers you.


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Damn you David Fincher.  He’s the director for the uninitiated.  Damn you for getting so much right.  Damn you Brad Pitt.  He’s the old guy that ages backward.  Damn you for getting everything right.

I’m upset because I walked out of the film knowing I had enjoyed it, knowing I had attached myself to the characters, knowing I might have learned something, but also knowing it wasn’t quite as good as it thought it was.  Let me start by saying it’s a seamless film, wonderfully executed by all parties.  The script was smart, if a bit heavy, and didn’t take the audience for granted.  It was long, but I didn’t really feel it.  It had all these things going for it, so why didn’t I adoringly, unabashedly and other words that end in -ly love the dickens out of this?

The answer is: I’m not sure.  It’s much like the infamous line, I love you, but I’m not in love with you.  I think I would see this again, just to marvel at the many things I did love about it.  The craft of the film is something to behold.  And there were many sequences and people he meets that I did adoringly love.  I think the closest thing I can compare it to I mentioned earlier – Titanic.  All the parts are there: great crew, great cast, great story… but where is Titanic now?  It’s a statistic unfortunately, forgotten.  This is a really good film, and should be seen, but it will be forgotten and that is why I damn… that is why…

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