Short but sweet tonight. I am currently listening and loving Thao & Mirah, this is their first collaboration and it is filled with a TON of energy. Busy rhythms and fantastic folk-rock harmonies, the two together are an impressive marriage of sounds. Really well done.

Local Los Angelenos, Thao & Mirah will be at the Troubadour this Sunday (5/1/2011)

Little CupThao & Mirah

Thao & Mirah 2011 (Kill Rock Stars)

and you said you knew
how you were gonna take it
that you’d take it all
that you knew my heart was not that small
and how could we ever manage
carts and horses could never carry

all I want to give
not give enough
I want to give
not give you love

I chose the strangest little cup
to drink you from and stir you up
and you were beautiful it’s true
and all I ever wanted was
to be good to you

and when you see me cry
you ask me, but I think that
you already know why
I’m staring up at the sky

and you said you understood
but promises are not that good
in this improper marriage
love and justice found miscarriage
at the only embassy
with an office for… (need remaining lyrics)

and when you see me cry
you ask me, but I think that
you already know why
I’m staring up at the sky

Thao-know better learn faster

Going to the Dentist tomorrow… It is going to be a very long day. I have no idea how long I will be at the Dentist, there is quite a bit of work that needs to be done. I have bad teeth, because I am very strict with my brushing and flossing habits so I can’t understand why I would have cavities… My dad had bad teeth too, my mom has bad teeth and gums so I guess I feel somewhat lucky? Need another ditty to start our week off right since my Monday is going to really be a test of will… Thao is back with a new album, which for me is not my favorite but still has a handful of some great tunes. Enjoy! Wish me luck tomorrow.

mp3:  Know Better Learn Faster

Know Better Learn Faster 2009 (Kill Rock Stars)

Available on eMusic

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