It has been unbearably hot this week, my “unbearably hot” is anything over 80 degrees. How can I complain about that you may ask? Well, we have been spoiled rotten, the weather in Southern California has been beautifully mild for the summer and I dig that. I do not dig the heat however, and I turn into the Wicked Witch of the West bitch mode all the way. Last night was the worse of it, so hot that I couldn’t even sleep with a fan blowing directly on me. The cherry was the mosquito sucking my blood in 3 different spots one of them being my cheek! Well I was not having it, I jumped out of bed and flipped on the lights and hunted that mosquito like the vampire it is. Needless to say there is a tiny little stain on my wall… The mosquito and the flea are the two insects I have no problem killing, probably because they make me so uncomfortable. I have terrible reactions to bites, my flea bites are the size of a normal mosquito bite and my mosquito bites are just down right swollen and painful. Not a pretty sight.

Thank goodness tonight it is a lot cooler. There is a beautiful breeze flowing through the windows, quite pleasing. I have been listening to Skybox lately, a Chicago based band, who make groovy rock melodies mixed with just the right amount of fun pop. They are currently touring all over this nation.

mp3: Light

Morning After CutsExplicit Lyrics 2010 (Self Released)

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