Did you like how I made you wait for this number 1? I did. ;-)

I have noticed through the years that most of the albums from Stars have grown on me. It has always taken some time for me to fall in love, but I always do. I saw them live again this year at the Mayan Theater in downtown LA… I cried. Wait… Let me re-phrase, I flipped the fuck out when they played, ‘Your Ex-Lover Is Dead‘. So amazing and wonderful to hear and see your favorite song played live and loud.

I’ll be honest, there is no way for me to give you some mind shattering new review of their latest album, The North. I can’t because I am biased. I love their pop-tastic, dreamy, gooey, nostalgic rock. It soars into my soul and makes me dance up and down with joy. EVERY album. slixy.ch. However, The North takes me back to some of my favorite albums of theirs, Set Yourself on Fire and In Our Bedroom After The War. The North parallels these albums and flies right into my number 1 favorite album of 2012.

I know there were no surprises on this list of top five. But I am alright with that. This top 5 is my honest favorite(s) of 2012, they are albums I have enjoyed most over the past year. There will be one more post of some of the albums I have NOT mentioned at Untitled over the past year but feel they are certainly owed a nod.

“You are the bullet in the chamber of the gun…” – A Song Is A Weapon, Stars

Through The MinesStars

The North 2012 (Ato Records)



Get Well Soon is the sophomore release of Sarabeth Tucek. A beautifully sad album filled with somber melodies, swelling electric guitars and Tucek’s striking vocals that cut deep into your soul. Stunning. Oh how I needed this album tonight. I let it in and it stirred all this emotion around. I have to let go of a lot.

The FiremanSarabeth Tucek

Get Well Soon 2011 (Sonic Cathedral)

I just came back from having $2 margaritas. A bit tipsy… And full disclosure, this may or may not qualify as drunk blog posting… Cheers!

I have no idea where I came across Sea of Bees… I like it. Julie Ann Bee creates some original, enjoyable pop-rock with a splash of folk, she has my full attention. She came out of nowhere in 2010 with her first full length album, Songs for the Ravens. I can definitely say she is someone to keep our eye on in the years to come.

SkinnyboneSea Of Bees

Songs for the Ravens 2010 (Crossbill Records)

I am really tired, the heat has been unbearable. A little overwhelmed from the last 2 days. Just need music.

The debut album from Local Natives has a few great songs, Airplanes, Wide Eyes and Cubism Dream are probably my favorites from the album.

mp3:  Airplanes

Gorilla Manor 2010 (Frenchkiss Records)

Local Natives

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