This is really how beaitiful it is outside right now…

It has been a glorious weekend… I did nothing and it rained off and on… Beautiful white fluffy clouds graced us in the afternoons, rainbows, rain and even waterspouts just South in Huntington Beach, which is kind of scary, but hey my philosophy is that any weather in Southern California is good weather. Anything different than sunny and 75 degrees is just fine with me… I suppose some would probably ask what I am doing in sunny California then and I ask myself the same question… But for now this is home until something else presents itself further North.

It was nice to just relax and watch recorded old episodes of Saturday Night Live and the 1998 film, Happiness. I have had a  busy couple of weeks at work… *sigh*

The Grammy’s are on tonight… *crickets*

God bless Blind PilotIsrael Nebeker and Ryan Dobrowski are the duo who create beautiful guitar arrangements on their 2008 album 3 Rounds and a Sound… Israel Nebeker sings dreamy melodies that make the heart pitter patter. And get this… Not only can they create amazing music but they went on a bike tour together hauling all the equipment behind them to city after city… Talented and earth friendly… Yummy. Check out their tour schedule for dates in your area but make sure to also check their blog for updates on cancellations and general info.

mp3:  The Story I Heard

mp3:  I Buried a Bone

3 Rounds and a Sound 2008 (Expunged Records)

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