It has been awhile, friends. A long while, even when I was here I was never fully here. I was never really anywhere for awhile. Drifting. Lost at sea…

But I think you have to lose yourself sometimes to remember who you really are and what you want in life. I am happy where I am ending up, who I am turning out to be. I am still learning, I am definitely an apprentice… But I am getting there. At least now I know where I am going.

I have a soft spot for Julia Stone and her brother Angus Stone. Whether it is an album together, or a solo project, I am drawn to their acoustic singer-songwriter folk music. Julia Stone’s new album, By the Horns, is beautiful and poetic with a bonus cover of ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’ from one of my favorite bands The National. Bonus points. The album is a beautiful dark sophomore effort. I will say that her vocals are not for everyone. And for me I do prefer Julia paired with her brother, duet style, to balance out the soprano girlie voice she has.

Angus Stone is also coming out with a solo album, Broken Brights, which is set to be released next month. You can download ‘Bird on The Buffalo’ from the new album at eMusic or Amazon to give yourself a little taste.


It’s All OkayJulia Stone

By the Horns 2012 (Nettwerk Records)




I got on the freeway tonight after work and it was backed up for miles, quickly exited and headed South to the coast. I took Pacific Coast Hwy all the way home, and enjoyed the cold crisp night with the window slightly open and my ipod shuffling. I realized how lucky I am and what an amazing and privileged life I live… I am taking Pacific Coast Hwy home from now on.

I have been listening to The Memory Machine for a couple of weeks now and it is just beautiful from beginning to end. Julia Stone‘s vocals are angelic, hushed and delicate.

This LoveJulia Stone

The Memory Machine 2010 (Nettwerk)

Amazon and eMusic

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