Howdie folks, Pip here.

My sister Tara found a cool quiz and sent it our way in which you have to guess the film by a single letter from the ‘one-sheet’ teaser poster of said film.  Some of them were really easy, others I couldn’t come close to figuring out.  See if you can beat my try of 23 correct without cheating!  QUIZ

Not only do I love films, but I love the behind-the-scenes action too.  I’m not talking about who Brad Pitt is shacked up with, I’m talking about knowing a funny story as told by the key grip on Lord of the Rings unit 14.  In fact I think I love the that stuff as much as the films themselves.  I have been known to see a film I love more than ten times, memorizing every last detail, but most surprising to some is the fact that I watch the fly on the wall docs that are on disc 2 of the special editions more than once too.  I’ll even go so far as to show friends what I think are particularly funny parts of a commentary track.  I have dreams of one day owning a rare collectable one-sheet and original film print collection.

When I tell you that a new Art House Theatre was just remodeled and had a grand re-opening literally two blocks away from my place, you’ll understand when I tell you that I was mind-bogglingly excited.  The place is really nice, too – and should be after one million dollars in renovations!  I went to go see a really cool doc the other day called “Man On Wire” which I will post a review up this weekend.  Already I plan on going back for every single release our neighborhood theater shows.  For all those lucky enough to have a local (or semi-local) art theater, show your support by going there as much as possible instead of the fancy multiplex.

Off of the soap box for me, let me know how you do on the quiz!

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