Must admit I have been feeling a bit blue lately…

Just feel like I am stuck in a rut and just can’t bring myself out of it. There are some changes I know need to be made and will be in the next few months but for now I got to do something for me, I have to make a change and do something GOOD for myself. I am getting off my booty and getting active. After work I will not pass go and I will not collect $200 dollars, I will change and go for a walk/run while the traffic dissipates. I will get my endorphins flowing and feel better on so many levels. It is time, I have hit bottom on the laziness front and it is time for that to change.

Now on to the music, I went on a hunt. I wanted to hear a new singer-songwriter like Cat Power or Emiliana Torrini and I found Jenn Grant a Canadian singer-songwriter who has a voice that is gorgeous and the music she creates helps you get rid of the day. I get lost in it, my favorite part.

p.s. Check out her most recent album Echoes. Love it.

mp3:  Dreamer

Orchestra For The Moon 2007 (Paris 1919)

Available at eMusic

emiliana torrini-fishermans woman

Not one of my best weeks… Starting off with an 1.5 hour dentist appointment at 8AM on Monday. A very scary hospital stay for my 81 year old grandma which only leads us to realize that her mind is going and her body is growing weak, although she is still in denial and fighting us every step of the way. She is alright but they are still running some tests. It has just been a very long week to say the least and I have really not heard anything new on the music front. So tonight I have an oldie but a goodie… The always beautiful Emiliana Torrini. Enjoy this while I listen up for some new goodness to share.

mp3:   Sunny Road

Fisherman’s Woman 2005 (Rough Trade)

Available on eMusic


Image found here

I can sum up today’s day with one word, lame. Work, OBGYN appointment and traffic, no thank you. Tonight I just want to sit back, press play and turn the volume up…

mp3: Birds

Emilíana Torrini on myspace

Me And Armini 2008 (Rough Trade)

Music always brings a smile to my face. :-)

Also available on eMusic

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