I want you to see this film, but I need you to do some heavy lifting training first because Changeling requires it.  If you go into this one out of shape, you’re going to sprain something that much I can guaranty.  Most of us know the story by now.  This Clint Eastwood helmed feature is a true story about a woman that lost her boy under mysterious circumstances.  Calling on the LAPD to help was apparently her mistake, as the corruption and brutality she faces thanks to that department in the late 1920’s is truly a rage-inducing experience.

I give Jolie a hard time in most cases.  She’s basically insane and her lips are crazy huge.  She plays two characters really well: the bitch and the insane bitch.  What she has done in this film, I really do have to give her credit for.  Not only did she break out of her bitch (although it was appropriately channeled at certain points), but as an audience member I felt her pain as if she was my own mother.

Clint Eastwood is an amazing director.  He effortlessly puts together a story that could easily feel like the History Channel, and gives us a film so gripping the two hours and twenty minutes flew by without being noticed.  There are some amazing stories of human spirit and the pursuit of justice melded into the main arc.  I went into this ignorant of the story as it happened and I was shocked and, well pissed off as it unfolded before me.  Honestly I want to go back in time and start punching LAPD officers in the face.

By the end of the film, one that I will not dream of ruining, you cannot help but hope that what Christine Collins went through happened for a reason.  As Rev. Gustav Briegleb says in the film, “..the Lord works in mysterious ways…”

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